Style Guide: How to customise your photobooth print outs

Customising your photo booth print outs

Creating a bespoke photo booth print layout is all part of the service when you book with ST Entertainment! Whether you're hiring a photo booth for a wedding, an engagement, a birthday party or a corporate do, customising your photo print outs is an amazing way to inject a bit of individuality into your experience.

Customised photo booth print

But how exactly does it work? Good question! To help clear things up we've put together this step by step guide on styling your prints. Let's get started!


Step 1. Choose your layout

First things first you need to select a print layout. We print in 6x4 format (the size of a classic photo) and our templates can include up to 4 high quality images per print. Don't forget you'll also receive a digital copy of all your pics in an online gallery for you and all your guests to download your favourites.



Step 2. Pick a background or pattern

It's time to get personal! Compliment your event theme, colour scheme or company branding and customise your design with a bright background colour or fancy pattern. Choose from one of our house colourways or send us the hexcode for your desired background colour and we will sort that out for you. If you have booked one of our open-plan booths, remember to choose a background that will also work well your photo booth backdrop! 



Step 3: Make it stand out

To frame or not to frame, that is the question! Next up you have the option to add a border around each individual photo and really make those shots pop off the page. If you've decided to keep things minimal with a white background make sure you don't skip this step.



Step 4. Personalise your text and add a logo

Now you're ready to add the finishing (and most important) touches to your design! Our photo booth templates come with the option to add personalised wording (your name/the name of your event), the event date or a logo of your choice. This is great way to really make your photo booth prints unique and send your guests home with a special keepsake!


Ta-da... And there you have it!

 If you have any questions or an extra-quirky idea in mind for your photo booth prints, you can get in touch with us here.

Don't forget to head over to our Photobooth page to find out more about our photo booth hire packages!


The Team