Make an entrance: song ideas for your Bat/Barmitzvah entrance

Entrance music and speech song ideas

Speeches are an important part of every Bat/BarMitzvah celebration and the perfect opportunity to welcome your guests, share memories or bring up and an embarrassing story or two! Pre-speech nerves are completely normal; public speaking can be a little a daunting, even when you’re surrounded by friends and family. Playing a short intro song as the speaker makes their way to the mic is a great way to break the ice and grab the attention of your guests. The right music choice can help to bring the character of the speaker to life and set the right tone for the evening.

But what song should you choose for your speech or entrance?

Perhaps you have that one song that just makes you smile or helps get you motivated. Something upbeat and humorous will lighten the mood and settle the nerves, while a song which holds real meaning will command the attention of the room. And when it’s time for the child’s entrance you can’t go wrong with a lively party anthem!

Our advice is to choose a song that reflects the personality of the speaker but if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas for your celebration.

Parents welcome speech

The parent’s speech is a great opportunity to thank your guests for coming and to open the evening festivities. Either say a quick hello to get things underway, or reflect on how proud you are of your son/daughter (insert dad joke here). Set the right tone for your evening with one of our top welcome speech songs:


Friends and sibling speeches

No Bat/BarMitzvah is complete without the best friend or sibling speech. A witty poem or a funny karaoke singalong, nerves are often high before speaking but the right entrance song could be the confidence boost the kids need. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:


Bat/BarMitzvah entrance

“Ladies and Gentlemen, time to welcome into the room!..”

This is the perfect opportunity to really let the Mitzvah boy/girl’s personality shine through so definitely get them involved in choosing the music. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite grand entrance songs but dare to be different!