Event plan for a BarMitzvah or BatMitzvah


Simple event plan for BarMitzvah or BatMitzvah

Most families will have been to plenty of BatMitzvah and BarMitzvah’s as guests so will have a fairly good idea of how the evening goes… but it can be a little different when you’re the one doing the planning. From Israeli dancing and entertainment, to food and speeches there’s a lot consider. This can make it difficult to visualise your evening which is where an experienced event planner and an event plan really come in useful.

Timing is everything

If you’ve decided to go DIY with your Mitzvah and take on the role of event coordinator yourself we can’t stress how important having a running order is! A running order will help everything run more smoothly on the night and is especially important if you’ve booked a professional DJ, photographer or videographer. Your suppliers will need to know when key moments are happening so they can ensure they’re set up in the right place at the right time - make sure you share the running order with everyone prior to the evening.

Example running order

Whether you’re finalising the last few details of your event, or just starting to think about how your celebration might shape up we’ve put together a simple Mitzvah event timeline with a few hints to help you figure out the flow of your evening. And because we’re feeling extra helpful we’ve even put together a running order template which you can download here.

5:00PM Set up
Suppliers arrive to set up
6:00PM Photos
Family photos & venue shots
6:30PM Guests arrive
Drinks reception & canapes
Background music playing
Photobooth opens
7:15PM Israeli Dancing
Family entrance
15 minute Israeli dancing set
Guests invited to take their seats & welcome speech from parents
7:40PM Main course served
DJ to play background music
8:10PM Dancefloor opens
Dancers to lead dancing (set 1)
Mix of chart hits and party classics
8:40PM Guests return to seats
Dessert is served
9:00PM Speeches
Friends / siblings / family
Mitzvah boy / girl
(Include entrance songs + names of speakers)
9:35PM Disco
Dancers (set 2)
10:45PM Finish
Final song

Of course, every Mitzvah is different and chances are you’ll need to be a little flexible with timings on the night but hopefully this has given you a few ideas on getting started. Explore our Mitzvah entertainment services or read our full guide on planning the perfect Bat or Bar Mitzvah here

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